JoyID Passkey

JoyID Passkey

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What is JoyID Passkey#

JoyID Passkey is an encrypted wallet that combines Passkey key management. No need to remember passwords or complex mnemonic phrases, with just ten seconds, users can create a non-custodial encrypted wallet account and seamlessly enter the Web3 world.

As a network wallet solution based on the FIDO Webauthn protocol and built using Nervos CKB, JoyID users can open an account in seconds and use secure account systems such as Face ID and Touch ID to manage their wallets. In JoyID, users do not need to download or install anything, and they can also access multiple blockchain networks and achieve multi-device login, providing a smooth and seamless user experience.

Key Features#

🔑 No password or mnemonic phrase required: Access your wallet through biometric recognition to prevent others from accessing your wallet;
🔗 Multi-device support: Seamlessly trade across mobile phones (Android/iOS), laptops, or any connected devices;
🛡️ Backup and recovery: Provides multiple backup methods to enhance account security, and supports easy backup and recovery across multiple devices;
🌐 Multi-chain support: Supports BTC, Nervos CKB, JoyID, ETH, and a range of EVM chains;
🌉 Easy to use: Whether you are a crypto beginner or an OG, JoyID is your best choice for interacting with various Dapps, Apps, and more;
🧧 Multi-application interaction: More than just a wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies, it also offers fun ways to interact with Dapps, such as sending red envelopes and earning points, unlocking interesting social interactions.

Why choose xLog?#

As a user-friendly browser wallet, JoyID can overcome the barriers faced by mass adoption of crypto wallets and ultimately build an open-source community centered around innovation and collaboration. As an open-source blockchain writing platform, xLog integrates JoyID Passkey and has formed a strategic partnership with Crossbell. JoyID Passkey believes that we will provide a low-threshold and highly secure wallet account solution for xLog and Crossbell users.

JoyID's Vision#

JoyID stands out among many wallet solutions with its unique decentralization and economic efficiency. Our mission is not only to build blockchain technology, but also to establish deeper social interactions between people. JoyID is a bridge between the traditional internet and the decentralized world. Through diverse activities and a simple and easy user experience, anyone can step into Web3, interact with Web3, and unlock a new world.

Currently, JoyID has surpassed 90K daily active users. In the future, with the widespread adoption of blockchain infrastructure, JoyID will be able to reach 1 billion users.

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